Music & Literature
Music Literature
Music has always followed me. (or was it the other way around?)
I started learning clarinet when I was very young and since then, my taste for playing instruments has grown. Nowadays I play the clarinet, flute and guitar. I have composed many material of completely different styles, but the only one that got published was the demo-tape "The Awakening of a New Era" under the project Forsaken Art.
Besides playing, I spend much time listening to music of different kinds: Classical, Opera, 20th Century, Neoclassical, Folk, Neofolk, Metal...
Since my conscience arose, I have always liked imagining things, so reading became one of my favourite activities.
During the years I have devoured many books of different areas and epochs.
A few years ago, around 2007, I also developed a great taste in writing. Following this taste, I have published in magazines a few short-stories and created a blog with unconnected thoughts, which I named Wandering.
Computing Travel
IT Travel
My interest with computers started when I was a child with a variant for Portugal of the famous ZX spectrum series: Timex Computer 2048. I remember very well entering load "" to play games and giving my first steps in code, with the goto and print functions.
Nowadays, my interests are mainly focused on open source technologies and linux; in order to make this interests take form, I published a blog about computation.
To meet new places and their characteristic folk and history is other of my favourite activities.
I have met a few places, but I'm interested in meeting many more in the near future.
In my latest travels, I have written some diaries, wich will be made available in this section.